Monday, 26 February 2018

Select A Right Attire To Look Taller - Asha Gautam

Short heightens can often lead to insecure feelings when mixing with other people and there’s always a desire of somehow looking taller to mingle confidently with other people. However, this feeling of insecurity can be subdued with the choice of right fashion of right garments in right proportions. The thing is to be confident, the more confident you are about yourself, the better you will feel about your height and fashion statement.

Here’s a list of different types of outfits which will make you look taller than normal-

Flared Jeans- Flared jeans at the bottom do create an illusion of having long legs. One should keep the fit of the jean slim through the leg and make sure that the waistband perfectly covers your waist. Flared jeans with a blouse tuck in will ideally make you look a bit taller than usual. 

Maxi Skirts – A well garnished maxi skirt gives an appearance of having a taller look as contradictory to the old fashion pundits who claimed that these maxi skirts give a bulge appearance to your look. A straight layer of maxi skirt is ideal than the layered ones as it also makes you look thinner apart from giving you a tall look.

Heels with low cut vamp – The best way to look taller is to increase your height up to some inches with the help of heels. Moreover, low cut vamp heels makes your leg look taller as well as slimmer especially when you are going for an western attire of shorts and skirts.

Single Colour Outfit – One of the most effective ways to make you look tall is to wear a single colour cloth which helps to create the vertical line. Colours of black or white outfits are the best choice for making you to look tall.

High Waist Bottoms – The best way to look taller is to make your waist visible. Whether you are wearing skirts, shorts, dresses or Indian attire like salwaar Kammez, lehengas or Sarees, make the waist visible by tucking the blouse, in case of Indian attire or choosing a short top in the case of western attire.

Therefore, your height is the gift of God. There is no need to feel ashamed or insecure with your short height as it is natural. The best thing you can o is wear the best appropriate fashion you give you a more appealing and tall look.

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